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We help the everyday person obtain FINANCIAL FREEDOM by building PASSIVE INCOME through real estate investing

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Brody Fausett knocking doors

Knock Doors to Own Doors

Finally, a Real Estate Investing Coaching Program to get you REAL results.

No matter if you’re just getting started, have done multiple deals or need help scaling your portfolio, we have a coach and a program guaranteed to take you to the next level.

“Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. ACTION is Power.”

– Tony Robbins

Let’s be honest, if you’re serious about going somewhere, the best way to get there is with the help of someone who has been there multiple times: someone who has the map, and can make the trip with their eyes closed. When it comes to real estate investing, you can trust us to get you to the final destination of passive income and self-reliance.

What’s Included in the School:

computer with video conference logo and educating people


  • Access to all prerecorded class lectures (100+ training videos)
  • Weekly LIVE class
  • Hot seats
  • 8 and 9 figure speakers
Person being accountable with different tasks around them


  • You will be assigned to a pod (6-8 students) who share the same goals as you
  • Pod coaching and roundtables
  • Accountability calls, emails, text messages
  • 1-on-1 coaching


  • Around the clock access to our team. This includes our Real Estate Tax Professional, Creative Financing Professional, and your 1-on-1 coach.


  • “Deal Done” guarantee! If you are accepted into the program, we guarantee you success or we work with you for free until you get a cash flowing property!

Chances are, if you are like most people, you’ve wanted to get into the real estate investing game for awhile now. Take action and book a call with a member of our team today! Remember:

Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes
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World-Class Coaches & Speakers

Learn directly from those who have been in your shoes and who have personally been where you want to go, saving yourself years of time, thousands of dollars, and wasted energy using the wrong tactics and strategies.

Dave Allred headshot
Dave Allred
Brody Fausett - Real estate guru and mentor
Brody Fausett
Headshot of Casey Baugh
Casey Baugh
Tony Robinson - Bigger Pockets
Tony Robinson
Mitch Mathews - Former NFL player turned entrepreneur
Mitch Mathews
Jason Giffin - Coach and mentor
Jason Giffin
Joe Jensen - Over a decade of home sales
Joe Jensen
Kenny Cox - Manager at Vivint
Kenny Cox
Alex Camacho - Real estate guru in Southern California
Alex Camacho
Brady Slack - Tax advisor
Brady Slack
Trevor Cowley - Co-owns Easier Accounting
Trevor Cowley
Landon Anglin - Real estate expert in Utah
Landon Anglin

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We have helped hundreds of everyday, ordinary people begin building their dream life through real estate investing. Here is what some of them have to say:

“The real estate investing experience became far easier and more enjoyable with Brody and his mentorship!”

– Lauren M.

I have been able to turn my rentals into $24k in 2020 because of the plan Brody helped me to design!

– Christiaan L.

With Brody’s tactics we were able to land an investment property while living paycheck to paycheck!

– Rachel B.

Through Brody’s mentorship we were able to buy a property that has well over $100k in equity now!

– Brittney S.

One year later and my first deal is cash flowing enough for me to buy my second property. Super Stoked!

– Justin C.

Due to house hacking I have made over $36k with Brody’s 1-on-1 coaching. My life has been changed for the better!

– Madsen S.

My first property will cash flow me at least $900 a month, which is a 98% cash on cash return within the first year!

– Trevor S.

Brody does a great job of making something most think is super hard understandable and actionable!

– Tyler B.

Brody harnesses and teaches the power of real estate investing in a way that can truly change someone’s life!

– Todd S.

Here’s How We Do It

When you become a student, we coach you in four specific areas, from Concept to Cashflow.

concept to cashflow diagram
Diamond representing clarity and dream

1. Clarity (Dream it)

We help you get crystal clear on what it is you want and why it is that you want it, even if you don’t know what that is yet.

clipboard showing creation of a strategy

2. Strategy (Write it)

Once you and your coach are clear on what it is you want and the resources you have to work with, together we determine which strategy or strategies we will implement to get you achieving your goals as fast and as efficient as possible.

3. Execution (Build It)

Here we will hold you accountable and coach you through the daily and weekly activities that will lead you to success. Together we come up with a game plan on what you need to do and how you need to do it. We help you take action and focus only on the needle movers!

4. Scale (Live It)

As you start to accomplish your goals, momentum is now on your side. During this phase, we work together to continue to build upon your success and scale your investing portfolio to the next level!

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Pieces of paper that describe a 6 figure game plan

Become a Real Estate Investing School Student Today!

When you become a student, you receive the following:

computer with video conference logo and educating people

Access to ALL pre-recorded class lectures (100+ videos)

Live classes and discussions

Dialogue boxes for Q&A

Live Q&A and hot seats

One person coaching another person

Intimate pod coaching calls

Phone call with 8-9 figure real estate guru's

Exclusive 8-9 figure real estate guru’s & entrepreneur speaker calls

Real estate strategy call

1-on-1 real estate strategy calls with coach

toolbox with helpful tools

Access to REIS toolbox (calculators, spreadsheets, downloadable pdfs, workbooks, etc.)

Private group to network and have accountability

Access to our private group and community to network, ask/answer questions, and grow with

Access to financial experts

Anytime access to strategy sessions with our in-house real estate tax professional and our in-house real estate financing expert

Brody Fausett helping potential student see value in real estate investing

Is Real Estate Investing School Right For You?

If You:

  • Feel limited by your current situation or financial situation
  • Lost your job today, you want to have enough income to replace it
  • Want to retire early
  • Want to take control of your life and create more freedom
  • Want some accountability and tools to scale your real estate investing to the next level
  • Are tired of talking about it and ready to take action and see some real results

Then Real Estate Investing School May Be The Right Fit For You!

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Meet the Founder of Real Estate Investing School

Brody Fausett, Founder

Brody has been investing in real estate for the last 8 years. He became financially free through real estate at the young age of 25. He did so by building a passive 6-figure real estate portfolio that started with $6,000. Brody is proof that anyone at any age with limited resources can build a life of freedom through real estate investing. His passion now consists of educating, motivating, and coaching others to take action on building and living their dream lifestyle rather than just dreaming about it.

Brody has been featured in:

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Brody Fausett - Real Estate Guru

Let’s Do This!

Let Real Estate Investing School teach, guide, and mentor you to live your true passions and become financially free!

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